About Us

In October 2009, whilst celebrating our second wedding anniversary with a (kid free) weekend away, we stumbled across a “milkshake shop”. It was raining and we needed somewhere to dry off when we spotted the sign - “hundreds of flavours”. Well, being seven months pregnant, tired and hormonal I hesitated, “I want a 'hot' drink” I protested.


Then we saw it. The sign. “Just ask about our hot shakes!” and so we did. Nick had a Crunchie and I had a hot Cadburys Crème Egg with a topping of flying saucers! We knew immediately this was just what our home town of Bingley needed but it wasn't until the recession directly affected our circumstances (and I gave birth to our third child) that it became a possibility and so, after a lot of research and planning, “Great Shakes” was born.


The shop was opened on 1st September 2010 so why not come and try our shakes, hot or cold, and find your own favourite flavours. See you soon...


Laura and Nick