The Menu

At Great Shakes we pride ourselves on having such a wide range of flavours; in fact, we have almost 150 to choose from and a large selection of toppings too. Remember, you can have your Great Shake hot or cold - the Chocolate flavours also make a particularly tasty hot drink! We can also provide dairy-free shakes - please ask us for more information.

Chocolate [59 flavours]

Dozens of chocolate flavours, a chocoholic's dream!

AeroAero MintAfter EightsBoost

Bounty DarkBounty MilkCadbury's BournvilleCadbury's Caramel

Cadbury's Crème EggCadbury's CrunchieCadbury's Curly WurlyCadbury's Dairy Milk

Cadbury's Double DeckerCadbury's DreamCadbury's FlakeCadbury's Fruit and Nut

Cadbury's FudgeCadbury's PicnicCadbury's Star BarCadbury's Time Out

Cadbury's Whole NutCadbury's WispaCadbury's Wispa GoldCaramac

Daim BarDrifterFerrero RocherFlyte

Fry's Orange CreamFry's Peppermint CreamFry's Turkish DelightGalaxy

Galaxy CaramelKinder BuenoKit Kat ChunkyLion Bar

M&M's ChocolateM&M's PeanutMaltesers MilkMaltesers White

Mars BarMilkaMilky BarMilky Way

MinstrelsMunchiesNestle Crunch MilkNestle Crunch White


Terry's Chocolate Orange MilkTerry's Chocolate Orange PlainTobleroneToffee Crisp

TwixWalnut WhipYorkie

Sweets [31 flavours]

You'll be surprised how refreshing these shakes taste, best served ice cold.

Black JacksDolly MixturesFizzy Cola BottlesFruit Pastilles

Fruit SaladHaribo StarmixHaribo TangfasticJelly Babies

Jelly BeansJelly TotsLiquorice AllsortsLove Hearts

Millions BlackcurrantMillions BubblegumMillions ColaMillions Raspberry

Millions StrawberryParma VioletsRefreshers BarRefreshers Sweets

Sherbert FountainSkittlesSkittles SoursStarburst

Strawberry LacesTic Tac MintTic Tac Orange and LimeTrebor Extra Strong Mints

Werthers OriginalsWham BarWine Gums

Cakes [22 flavours]

A smooth, filling shake delicious hot or cold.

Apple PieBanoffee PieBattenburgBlackforest Gateaux

Cadbury's Mini RollsCaramel ShortbreadCarrot CakeCheesecake - Blackcurrant

Cheesecake - StrawberryCherry BakewellChocolate BrownieChocolate Fudge Cake

Fondant FanciesJaffa Cake BarJam Swiss RollJamaica Ginger Cake

Lemon Meringue PieMuffin - BlueberryMuffin - ChocolateSnowball

Syrup SpongeViennese Whirl

Fruit [4 flavours]

Feeling a little fruity? Our fruit flavoured milkshakes should quench your thirst and are one of your five a day.


Cereal [17 flavours]

Good morning milkshake! The best way to start the day. (Available all day for late risers!!)

Bran FlakesCoco PopsCookie CrispCorn Flakes

Crunchy Nut CornflakesFrostiesGolden GrahamsNutrigrain Apple

Nutrigrain BlueberryNutrigrain StrawberryPop Tart ChocolatePop Tart Strawberry

Rice KrispiesShreddiesSpecial KSugar Puffs


Biscuits [15 flavours]

Why dunk when you can blend?

BourbonsChocolate Chip CookiesChocolate Digestives - DarkChocolate Digestives - Milk

Custard CreamsFarley's RusksFox's Ginger Crunch CreamsGinger Nuts

Hob NobsIced GemsJaffa CakesJammie Dodgers

Oreo CookiesPenguinsWagon Wheels

Gooey Stuff [3 flavours]

Exactly as it sounds: gooey!

CustardNutellaPeanut Butter

Boosters [4 flavours]

Tired? Under the weather? Try one of our booster milkshakes to give you... well, erm... a boost!

EnergyMaltMuscle BuilderProtein

Toppings [17 flavours]

Want something extra on your shake? No problem! But will it float or sink?

Butterscotch SauceCadbury's Chocolate ButtonsCadbury's FlakeCadbury's White Chocolate Buttons

Chocolate SauceChopped NutsDaimHundreds and Thousands

MarshmallowsMilky Way Magic StarsMinstrelsOreos

Popping CandyRainbow CrystalsSmartiesToffee Popcorn

Whipped Cream